Blushing Actor-Vintner Kyle MacLachlan


Last week we broke the news that Drew Barrymore was going pink, and now we can confirm that Pursued by Bear’s Kyle MacLachlan will be blushing this spring. But don't let the “celebrity rosé” tag fool you: The Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet star has plenty of wine cred. He’s been collaborating on Pursued by Bear with Walla Walla Valley’s Dunham Cellars for the past 10 years. …


Blushing Actor-Vintner Kyle MacLachlan

Seattle Met

Yakima native Kyle MacLachlan is just as serious about making wine as he is about making good television. Early in Kyle Maclachlan’s foray into winemaking, he learned an important lesson: Don’t forget to spit. The Twin Peaks star and Yakima native was testing out blends for Pursued by Bear, the cabernet sauvignon he’d partnered on with Walla Walla’s Dunham Cellars, when he realized he was getting tipsy. “I learned very early that you’ve gotta keep your wits about you.” He’s learned a lot more in the last decade, not the least of which is how to handle the respect that comes from earning glowing reviews in Wine Spectator. Because his is no vanity project. It’s a damn good glass of wine.


The Star of Twin Peaks Makes the Best Celebrity Wine We’ve Ever Tasted


We were about 30 seconds into our call when Kyle MacLachlan said he had to ring me back; the 2016 vintage of his rosé, Blushing Bear, was at his door and he needed to bring in the delivery.  Having just landed in LAX shortly before our chat, and with the imminent release of the new Twin Peaks series, one would imagine rosé would be the last thing on the actor’s mind. However, it soon became apparent that “winemaker” is an important facet of MacLachlan’s identity. MacLachlan’s Walla Walla-based winery is called Pursued by Bear. It started as a hobby, but it has organically grown into a delicious representation of Washington wines. …


Being Mayor of “Portlandia,”
“Twin Peaks,” and Making Wine

The Oregonian

His term as the fictional mayor of Portland may be winding down, but Kyle MacLachlan sounds just as upbeat as the city leader he plays on “Portlandia.”

“Portland is a pretty phenomenal city,” MacLachlan said during a recent phone interview. The Northwest native was calling from New York, to talk about his Washington state winery, as well as share thoughts about the end of the “Portlandia” era, and revisiting “Twin Peaks.” …


Episode 81

The Extract

You know ... this is a damn fine glass of wine. Actor/Winemaker, Kyle Maclachlan drops some Eastern Washington wine knowledge on the tasting room. From Twin Peaks to Wine Feats, Kyle’s project “Pursued by Bear” is no's the real Mc-Lachlan. …


7 Celebrity Wines
Worth Trying

Condé Nast Traveler

Washington native Kyle MacLachlan created Pursued by Bear with Walla Walla-based Dunham Cellars nearly 10 years ago. Their label, named for an obscure Shakespearean stage direction (aw, actors!), makes a fruit-forward cabernet sauvignon that has garnered high praise since its 2005 debut. The 2008 Chased by Bear Cab earned a 91 from Wine Spectator and 89 from Wine Enthusiast. …


Kyle Maclachlan’s
Fine Vintage

Interview Magazine

On a Sunday afternoon in March, a timid line of eager and excited fans lined up outside Vine Wine, a charming wine shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Inside, Kyle MacLachlan poured tastings of his 2008 Cabaret and Baby Bear Syrah, new vintages from his Walla Walla-based wine partnership with Eric Dunham called “Pursued by Bear.” It was damn fine wine. MacLachlan is best known not for wine and smoked trout, but for coffee and cherry pie—favorites of Agent Cooper, the iconic character he played in the Twin Peaks television series. MacLachlan, dressed in a forest-green sweater, had an outdoorsy look about him, not unlike an inhabitant of Twin Peaks, the fictional town in the Pacific Northwest not far from where "Pursued By Bear" comes from. Though Twin Peaks has been off air for more than two decades, MacLachlan has continued a busy acting career on hit series Sex and the City, Portlandia, and Desperate Housewives, to name a few. …


What Does Special Agent Dale Cooper Drink?

His Own Wine

Paste Magazine

Coop is debonair and complicated, cheery but with a brooding underside, an old spirit with a youthful grin, the soul of straightforward elegance, a bit of a Romantic, and a man who certainly knows his dark-red velvet, especially after a 27-year stint in the crimson-draperied Cosmic Hoosegow known as the Black Lodge. And I’m sorry, but there is no better name for a guy who tends to be oak-forward. …


Toasting the Return
of ‘Twin Peaks’

Wine Spectator

Actor and Washington vintner Kyle MacLachlan returns as Agent Cooper. Donuts? Check! Cherry pie? Check! Damn fine cup of coffee? Check! Agent Dale Cooper and those peculiar folks of Twin Peaks are back after 25 years. …


Actor Kyle Maclachlan Talks his New Rosé, 'Twin Peaks' Reboot
& Where he Hangs in the Hamptons


Give yourself a present every day? With the reboot of Twin Peaks and a new rosé from his wine label, Kyle MacLachlan is giving himself two. “Wine has always played a significant part in my life,” says actor Kyle MacLachlan, “even when I was auditioning for the role in Dune, the first film I ever did and my first film with David Lynch. …


Leading Man Kyle MacLachlan on Wine and Creativity

Wine Enthusiast

The star of Twin Peaks and co-owner of Pursued by Bear Wine chats with us about his passion for winemaking. …


Q&A: Being an Ambassador for Washington State Wine

Seattle Magazine

The “Twin Peaks” and “Portlandia” star has been making wine in his native Yakima for more than a decade. Could a wine dinner at Twede’s Cafe be coming soon? …


Hollywood Star

Kyle MacLachlan Returned to Washington to Make Wine

Seattle Times

The ‘Twin Peaks’ star has his own Walla Walla winery, Pursued by Bear. …


Seattle Refined with John Prentice

KOMO Seattle Refined

John Prentice of KOMO’s "Seattle Refined" talks with Kyle MacLauchlan about Pursued by Bear.


A Damn Fine
10 Questions

Food Republic Today

A damn fine 10 questions for Kyle MacLachlan regarding his wine label, Pursued by Bear.


Kyle MacLachlan:
At the intersection of Hollywood and vine

CBS News

From his role in the TV series “Sex and the City” to his sideline as a winemaker, Kyle MacLachlan pursues his career on two very different tracks. How he balances the two is what Tracy Smith went to find out. …


Culture Interview

Bon Appétit

The Desperate Housewives actor splits his time between New York and L.A. with his wife (entertainment executive Desiree Gruber) and one-year-old son, and makes wine in his home state of Washington. MacLachlan released his first vintage, a Cabernet Sauvignon blend, in 2005. . …


Washington State Wines:
In Walla Walla
with Kyle MacLachlan


Actors are usually good at being guests, not hosts, but Kyle MacLachlan could be a cruise director. As he leads me and a caravan of friends and family around Walla Walla, Washington, for two days—before having us over to a dinner party he’s hosting at a local bar—his energy doesn’t flag once. He maintains a hyper-vigilance over all our needs: When he’s not pointing out sights, he’s calling ahead to make sure things are set up for us. I don’t think my parents asked this often if I had to go to the bathroom. I discover MacLachlan’s hosting talent soon after I get off the morning flight to Walla Walla, the heart of Washington-state winemaking; he comes here to work on his Cabernet blend, Pursued by Bear. MacLachlan—who must follow plane arrival times pretty closely—calls my cell, worrying that I need coffee. …


Washington Wine Blog

… These new release wines have been held back a bit and are both showing beautiful dark fruits, wonderful viscosity and tension. A downright awesome Syrah, the 2013 Pursued By Bear ‘Baby Bear’ Syrah (WWB, 93) has gobs of dark fruits and really nice range. …


Enter, Pursued by Bear: Kyle MacLachlan Performs and Pours on “Selected Shorts”

Wine Spectator

Kyle MacLachlan and his Blushing Bear rosé both made a splash in New York last week at a performance on Selected Shorts, the popular radio show and podcast recorded live at Symphony Space—and Unfiltered wouldn't pass up the chance to see one of our favorite actor-vintners take the stage. …


Kyle MacLachlan’s Toughest Role: Winemaker

The Daily Beast

The actor talks about how director David Lynch introduced him to fine wine and the origins of his own brand, Pursued by a Bear. …


Hollywood and Vine

Los Gatos Magazine

We loved him in Dune, an impossible book to turn into a movie, but he endeared himself to us in Sex and the City, every woman’s excuse to buy more shoes. So what made Kyle decide to retreat to the wilds of eastern Washington State to grow grapes? …


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