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With its Many Handsome Appurtenances

Bear and Kyle having a glass of wine together

Open for Appointments


Our handsome lair is situated on scenic Palouse Street, just off Main Street in downtown Walla Walla. Book your reservation now, because space is extremely limited. We kindly require parties of 6 or fewer.


Join Kyle MacLachlan for a tasting of the new Blushing Bear Rosé, along with two of our favorite reds May 3- 5. Nibble light bites and raise a glass in celebration of spring’s arrival to the Walla Walla Valley!

Space is limited, so reservations are a must. The tasting fee is non-refundable on day of event. Allow one hour. Cheers!

The World’s Most Splendid Tasting Room

Of all the tasting rooms located
in pink buildings on Palouse Street

Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.

Our 1920s-era storefront is—and always has been—pink. But on the inside, it’s an old-time Northwest mercantile in handsome dark-wood tones. Think Mission furniture and Italian wallpaper, antiques and cork floors, Carrera marble countertops and leather seats, Parisian café curtains and the Orpheum’s velvet drapes. Join us for a leisurely flight of fine wines. But please note: The atmosphere is more didactical than bacchanal, better suited to Agent Dale Cooper than Sir John Falstaff.

Most Hospitable and Gracious

But for the Exceptionally Large Bear

Don’t be deterred—Bear won’t bite. In fact, he’s quite the wassailer. And he’s in need of drinking companions and habitués.

So join our Mailing List, won’t you? We’ll let you know about winemaker dinners all over the land, as well as upcoming events at the Tasting Room, including release parties and Bear appearances. Hear hear! Here here?

Kyle hugging Bear

As Demonstrated in This
Aspirational Photo Montage

Designed to make you feel resentful
about the fact that you are not here

The challenges of running a small business these days are real. It is just so difficult to find and retain a
full-time jester.
Kyle MacLachlan

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